Vertical, Horizontal, Knee-type, CNC and Manual Milling Machines from Wells-Index.

Why Settle for Anything Else?



Milling Machine Options Available...

  • Power feeds
  • Automatic lubrication systems
  • Coolant systems
  • Flood Coolant Systems with Chippans
  • Micro Drop Coolant
  • Power drawbars, riser blocks
  • Swivel vises
  • 6 spindle tapers available
  • R-8 30MMT 40MMT 200KS 300KS #9 Brown & Sharpe
  • Digital readouts
  • AcuRite Newall Fagor
  • Metrics
  • Right angle head attachments
  • Arbor supports
  • Safety shields, tool trays, lamps, covers, clampkits
  • Special electrics NFPA79 JIC

Optional Accessories