New Bridgeport Series 1

Direct Replacement Milling Machine Head

3 HP with R8 Spindle

Easy Bolt-on Direct Plug-n'-Play Install 

Will bolt onto any Bridgeport Series 1 Knuckle or Equivalent

Bridgeport Series 1 Replacement Head has 3 HP vs. older Bridgeport Series 1 with 1.5 HP

We recommend McLaren replacement milling machine heads over overhauled Bridgeport heads because most overhauled Bridgeport heads use the same gears and other already used parts. It is impossible for an overhauled Bridgeport head with formerly used parts to match the precision of a new McLaren head with all new parts.


Bridgeport Series 1 Replacement Head

Head Only 

$2,950 + $250 Flat Rate Freight

Head with Knuckle, Overarm, and Turret Combo 

$3,950 + $350 Flat Rate Freight

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