520CNC 3HP Variable Speed Drive

520CEN Mill
  • 3 HP constant duty Baldor motor with electric brake
  • High, neutral and low range gear selection
  • Low range is all gear reduction with no spindle reversal
  • Available speeds using variable belt drive
  • Low gear is 42 to 425 RPM
  • High gear is 400 to 4200 RPM
  • RPM change is simple and quick with sliding lever
  • Manual Brake system
  • Unit is equipped with an automatic electric spindle brake that actuates when motor is off to lock the spindle for changing tools

520 CEN/5 Features

Some of the features that make our Model 520/5 a better machine.


    • 1/2 inch diameter
    • 2 3/4 inches ?
    • ??????
      Most imports change so often parts are not available 7 yrs later

    • ??????

    • ??????
    • ??????

    • 6 spline 1.0" dia mtd on 1 pair and a single row

    520 CEN/5

    • 5/8 inch diameter head mounting bolts
    • Table 3 1/8 inches thick
    • Parts and service for all 520 CNC's made
      We have mechanical parts and service for all of our CNC machines made and have CNC boards on the shelf for machines made in the 1970's with on site service available for them
    • 5 hp Baldor Vector drive system
      Our spindle drive uses a Gates polychain. Using this with the vector drive virtually eliminates mechanical maintenance as there are no gears or pulleys to wear out.
    • Quality cast iron poured in the USA
    • Precision ground 1.25" diameter ballscrews mounted with 2.44" diameter heavy duty angular contact bearings designed for ballscrews
    • 10 spline 1.25" dia spindle shaft mounted on 2 pair of precision angular contact bearings

    Additional 520 CEN/5 Features


    View our PDF's with specs and more: