Model 747-2

Starting at $15,950

Wells-Index mills have a completely different milling head design than any other milling machine in the world. Most heads are based on a Bridgeport design and have been cloned by Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers. The Wells-Index milling head is a much more robust and durable design for heavy cutting with most components such as the spindle diameter, bearings, gears, and splines being 40% to 100% larger than its competitors.




The Only Milling Machine Still Made in the USA!

For 80 years Wells-Index has produced the most robust manual and CNC knee type milling machines delivering the highest accuracy, productivity, and dependability in the USA. We offer more options and customizations than any other milling machine manufacturer. Financing available with low or no down payment.

Wells-Index 847 Manual Milling Machine Blue Photon with power drawbar
847 CNC Milling Machine
Model 860C Manual Milling Machine with Special electrics 4 axis Acurite DRO - Hoover Dam
860C CNC Milling Machine Gemco Dies